Paint Protection Film (PPF)

PPF Installation type and expected coverage


Track Pack PPF Installation

●  Front end
● A pillars
●  Side skirts
●  Behind rear wheels

Full Front PPF Installation

● Full bonnet
● Front bumper
● Fenders
● Headlights
● Mirrors

Full Vehicle PPF Installation

Full cars start from $6,000 and pricing varies based on a few factors, which is across the board on all PPF application types listed.
Different Car makes/types can have varying differences on the difficulty when applying the PPF. Difficult installations take more time resulting in a higher price.
The colour of your car also impacts the time taken for us to get a professional finish. A black car can take up to 6x longer than the same make and model in white. We take extreme pride in our work and strive to give you the best professional finish every time, no exceptions, this doesn't effect the price but will ensure you are thoroughly thrilled with what we achieve with your vehicle.

XPEL Paint Protection Film (Clear Wrap)

XPEL PPF is a clear or satin finish wrap that is applied to your vehicle to protect your paint. We are trained and certified to install XPEL and are part of a select network throughout Australia.

  ● Wet application – Gel or soap and water solution
  ● Heat activated self-healing topcoat
  ● Non yellowing
  ● Protects from stone chips, nicks and scratches
  ● 10-year Manufacturer Warranty
  ● Precise patterns to fit your vehicle
  ● Enhances gloss
  ● Stealth Conversion (Satin)

Before After Before After

Brisbane Car Wrap Specialist - PPF Template

If you want to keep your vehicle safe from the damaging UV rays and overall wear and tear to the exterior you probably want to consider getting professional wrap installation. Protecting your car with top quality urethane polymer film has quickly become the preferred method by even the most discerning car enthusiasts. 

Armour Doctor has a proven track record of excellence when it comes to vinyl car wraps. Brisbane area car owners and collectors alike trust us to install their paint protection film templates based on our decades of experience in the high end car market.

Headlight and Taillight Tinting

Our headlight tint is a Paint Protection Film (PPF) so you get all the benefits that come with this outstanding product to help protect against  scratches with heat activated self-heal technology and lets not forget... it looks great! 

Available to be installed on most headlights and taillights
  ● Choose from light or dark tints
  ● 2 year Manufacturers Warranty

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