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Armour Doctors' highly skilled technicians are experts in applying the perfect form-fitting templated paint protection film by Xpel. Brisbane’s harsh environment can affect your vehicle's exterior, causing fading and clearcoat delamination to your paintwork. Invest in the longevity of your vehicle and protect its resale value down the track with Xpel Paint Protection Film.

Our passion for cars is fundamental in delivering exceptional service and quality.

We aim to provide the Brisbane community and its surroundings with the highest quality workmanship and service possible. Contact us to book an appointment and protect your cherished vehicle today.

Who We Are

Armour Doctor was born from decades of experience working within the high end car market in Brisbane. Established in late 2018, Armour Doctor is primarily installers of Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Custom Vinyl Wrap. We aim to deliver a high quality finish, together with exceptional service to our car enthusiast customers.

Based in Windsor, at the Alloy Doctor site, we have all bases covered when it comes to your vehicle.
Heat Activated Self-healing
Gloss or Matte Finish
Easy Maintenance & Damage Protection
XPEL Paint Protection Film
A clear or satin finish wrap, applied to your vehicle
Change the colour of your car with a full colour change wrap
Headlight and Taillight Tinting
Our headlight tint is a PPF, so it protects, self-heals and looks great!
Black OUT Packs
Chrome delete / black out  Available in Gloss, Satin or Matte finish

Xpel Paint Protection Film - PPF Wrap by Brisbane's Top Specialist

Xpel Paint Protection Film is the top of the line when it comes to protecting your vehicle. At Armour Doctor, you can trust in our highly trained and certified PPF clear wrap technicians to get the job done right. There are a host of factors that pose a risk to your vehicle out there – be it the local shopping centre car park or the open highway – your car will have the paint protected with clear car wrap.

Brisbane’s residents depend on us as their vehicle doctor and having PPF installation is our prescription to defend against contaminants, UV rays, scratches, stone chips and overall wear and tear to your machine. Our highly trained specialised will provide you with top notch service you would expect from a trusted local business. Give us a call anytime and we are happy to answer any questions regarding paint protection film (PPF) installation.
Paint Protection Film Brisbane

Vinyl Car Wraps Brisbane - Professional Wrap Installation

If you want to keep your vehicle safe from the damaging UV rays and overall wear and tear to the exterior you probably want to consider getting professional wrap installation. Protecting your car with top quality urethane polymer film has quickly become the preferred method by even the most discerning car enthusiasts. 

Armour Doctor has a proven track record of excellence when it comes to vinyl car wraps. Brisbane area car owners and collectors alike trust us to install their paint protection film templates based on our decades of experience in the high end car market.


Personalise Your Car with Custom Vinyl Wrap

If you want to personalise your car, then one of our custom vinyl wrap options is a way for you to make a statement out on the road. Get a top quality look in a solid colour or customise parts of your car. Armour Doctor was born from decades of experience working within the high end car market in Brisbane. Established in late 2018, we are the go to installers for Custom Vinyl Wrap and Xpel Paint Protection film (PPF). We consistently deliver a high quality finish, together with exceptional service and aftercare to our car enthusiast customers.

Based at the Alloy Doctor site at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, we have all bases covered when it comes to your vehicle.


Brisbane Car Wrap Specialist - PPF Template

A proper car wrap can be thought of as your vehicle's suit of armour. Paint takes a beating here in our harsh climate and will quickly fade just from prolonged UV exposure on its own. Applying an Xpel Paint Protection Film to your vehicle will guard it against more than just the sun. 

The self healing nature of your PPF Template means you don't have to worry so much about the random stone being kicked up while you take your car out for a drive. Does paint protection film work against the elements? The answer is a resounding yes. Preserving your car's finish is our priority here at Armour Doctor and our highly experienced staff will see to it that your clear car wrap will exceed expectations.

PPF Templates


How long does Paint Protection Film (PPF) last?

Xpel PPF is backed with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. So a minimum of 10 years, but depending on how well it is looked after it should last beyond this.

How long does vinyl wrap last and will it protect my paint?

Unfortunately, the biggest killer of vinyl wraps is the sun we experience in Queensland. Leaving a wrapped car in the sun all day every will drastically reduce the life expectancy from 5 years to only 1 year! Therefore, to prolong the life of your wrap up to 5+ years keep the car out of the sun! 

  • Garage your vehicle when not driving and try to park undercover at work. 
  • If you do not have access to a garage or undercover parking a decent weather/UV vehicle cover will drastically prolong the life of your wrap. 
  • Avoid parking under trees as the sap and other debris can cause permanent staining.

As soon as vinyl starts fading and or developing minor cracks get it removed! Vinyl is used change the style of your vehicle however, if left on for too long it can cause permanent paint damage!

Vinyl wrap can protect your paint job to a certain extent as it is layered over your car, however, it is still prone to stone chips and scratches and will deteriorate over time on the horizonal panels.  PPF on the other hand is designed to protect your paint work and will self-heal if compromised and will last for 10 years

What is the difference between Ceramic Coating and PPF?

Ceramic coating is a liquid applied to your car that helps with cleaning and maintenance whilst adds a nice shine to your paint work. PPF on the other hand is a clear film that is applied in template form to your vehicle and acts as a barrier against scratches, stone chips and our harsh climate.
Ceramic Coating can vary in price depending on longevity, and is significantly cheaper than Xpel Paint Protection Film. PPF is an investment for your vehicle and is well worth it.

How much does PPF and Vinyl Wrap cost?

XPEL Paint Protection film starts from $2850 for partial protection up to $11,000 for full PPF coverage
Vinyl Wrap full colour change starts from $5500+
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